9.0 Email Communication

Newsletters, Emails and General Communication

What’s the legal basis for electronic notifications and how to unsubscribe?

At MYKOBO we have three processing routes to which you can receive email communication from us. These are as follows:

9.1 Transactional emails

These are emails which are of a transactional nature, meant to only inform you of critically important details surrounding your activity in our MYKOBO app, but as well via our API anchor service if you are possibly interacting with it via one of our business partners It is not possible to opt out of these specific kind of emails given they are part of the regular service that comes with our product offerings (MYKOBO App, MYKOBO Anchor API). T

he only way to opt out is to terminate your account with us or with any of our partners who are plugged into our API service. Overall, these kinds of emails usually involve summaries of your most recent transaction of buying/selling EURC, sending, receiving or swapping transactions, password resets, and any other message that is related to the everyday functioning of our service to you. Such messages will only be delivered upon you as the customer taking an action that warrants one of these transactional emails. For this messaging service we use Mailgun Technologies, Inc. (112 E Pecan St #1135, San Antonio, TX 78205) in order to provide a reliable service.

9.2 App critical messaging emails

These are emails which are different to the nature of a transactional email and the newsletter/general marketing update emails. When you sign up to our app service, you as the customer will be added to this specific email group. The nature of these emails are only for very important updates regarding the app or our services that you need to be aware of in order to continue using our service. It could also involve any kinds of technical issues that become important for you to be notified of.

We desire to give you the best possible service so for us these kinds of emails are also not possible to opt out of given the mission critical/app critical nature. We trust that in order for us to provide you with the best possible service, when you sign up to our app, you agree to be added to this email notification service. For this service we use UAB MailerLite (J. Basanavičiaus 15, LT-03108 Vilnius, Lithuania) as our service provider.

9.3 Newsletters and general marketing update emails.

In our email newsletter and our general marketing update emails, we inform you about MYKOBO’s services and products. If you would like to receive our newsletter, you have to subscribe with your email address. We send newsletters and other general marketing update emails only with your express consent if you’ve subscribed for it (double opt-in). We have two routes to which you can be signed up to our newsletter and general marketing emails.

  1. Via our website and the sign up form. With this procedure we have a double opt-in active to check whether you are the holder of the email address given or if its holder agrees with receiving electronic notifications. This procedure serves as proof in case a third party misuses an email address through registering to receive the newsletter without the knowledge of the entitled party.

  2. The second route is by signing up to use our service and our app, you thereby agree to be signed up to the newsletter. As we have an email check to also verify you are the holder of the email address upon signing up, this acts as well as a double opt-in to confirm you are the holder of the email address. Of course, it is possible at any time upon receiving our first email newsletter to opt out and remove yourself from the list by following the unsubscribe link in the email.

Our Newsletter and general marketing updates are created using third party software company called UAB MailerLite (J. Basanavičiaus 15, LT-03108 Vilnius, Lithuania) and in the newsletter so-called web beacons (also called ClearGIFs or tracking pixels) might be used. Such web beacons provide us with a better understanding of our customers interactions with our newsletters and general marketing communication. They fulfil a similar function as cookies, but they are not visible to users. Information can be obtained via web beacons, in particular about whether an email was opened and whether the user’s system is capable of receiving HTML emails.

You may unsubscribe from our newsletter, e.g. by withdrawing your consent, at any time via the unsubscribe link on each message and newsletter. Please note that we will continue to process your personal data until you withdraw your consent to the storage of the data, so that we can prove consent previously given to receive newsletters. The processing of this data is limited to the purpose of a possible defence against claims and you shall have the right to request the deletion of your personal data.

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